Friday, October 5, 2012

List of tweets for the world teacher day !

Happy world teachers day !

In the Name of Democracy and Freedom, let us Unite to Demonstrate the Power of Our Voice to the Iranian Regime and Support The imprisoned Iranian teachers. 

Please copy paste the following tweets .Make sure not to tweet more then one tweet per min.

Feel free to add your own tweets but don't forget to use #SaveMyTeacher  and #Iran tags in that order.
Please make sure to retweet between your tweets.
And please don't use these tweets before the intented time.
Thank you for your participation . 
Lets blow the twitter away !
لطفا توئیت ها را یکی یکی کپی و در توئیتر پست کنید. 
خواهشمندم از تگ داده شده بیشتر از یک بار در هر توئیت استفاده ننمائید. لطفا طوفان را قبل از ساعت تعیین 
شده شروع نکنید
.لطفاً بین هر دو تا توئیت یک یا دوتا ریتوئیت کنید. 
 از همگی شما در همراهی و همصدای با این عزیزان و خانواده اشان تشکر میکنیم.

Iran where teachers are behind bars and criminals are running the country #Savemyteacher @CNN @labourstart @HRW @BBC #WTD2012 @UFT @Eduint

#Savemyteacher #Iran  since 2009 hundreds of verdicts that have led to teachers losing their jobs @CNN @UFT @HRW @BBC @Eduint

#Savemyteacher #Iran since 2009 many unfair vertices have been issued by the Ministry of Education and continue to be issued today @UFT

#Savemyteacher #Iran Teachers are band from forming any Union in Iran @UFT @CNN  @HRW @BBC @eduint

#Savemyteacher #Iran The following tweets will tell you some of the stories of what the Iranian teachers go through @CNN  @HRW @Eduint @UFT

#Savemyteacher #Iran Let us commemorate the memory of the honorable teacher Farzad Kamangar arrested in 2006 & executed in 2010. @UFT @CNN

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran In memory of Farzad Kamangar Iranian Kurdish teacher hanged in 5-9-2010 4 being an enemy of God @Eduint @CNN @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Farzad Kamangar was 31 when he was detained by the security forces in July 2006 @Eduint @CNN @Hrw @UFT @Eduint

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran 4 years interrogators put Farzad through severe physical & mental torture 2 break his resistance  @CNN @Hrw @UFT @Eduint

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Farzad's letters about inhumane conditions in prison bring international condemnation UNICEF&EI @CNN @Hrw @UFT @Eduint

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran When authorities realized they could not break Farzad under torture they silence him for ever @CNN @Eduint @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Farzad death proved Islamic Republic hold its power by creating fear&disregarding its own laws @CNN @Eduint @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Even in death Farzad managed to unite the people of Iran as the Kurdish region went on strike @CNN @Eduint  @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Fearing unrest, Islamic Republic contrary 2 D tenets of Islam refused 2 hand over Farzad's body @UN @CNN @BBC @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Farzad message ,when there is a drought of justice & fairness teach the alphabet of hope & equality @CNN  @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeachers #Iran this is Hashem ShabaniNejad a husband, a father and a great teachers @Un @UFT @HRW @CNN @Eduint

#SaveMyTeacher #iran Hashem ShabaniNejad 31 married & father of one girl is an Arabic Literature high school teacher @UN @CNN @BBC @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #iran Hashim ShabaniNejad is an Ahvaz Arab Iranian teacher & a MS student of Political Science @Eduint  @CNN @BBC @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #iran Hashim Shabani is known among national poets in the region & been in many poetry recitals @Eduint  @CNN @BBC @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #iran Hasham Shabani is a cultural, civil, and student activist and also a blogger. @Eduint  @CNN @BBC @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #iran Hashim Shabani was arrested in Feb 2011 & sentenced to death in July 2012 by Iran's court @UNOCHA @CNN @BBC @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #iran Ahvaz News Agency reported ShebaniNejad is critically ill &need immediate medical attention @UNOCHA @CNN @BBC @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #iran Shabani is held in Karoon Prison which is known 4 torture, ill-treatment & poor conditions @UNOCHA @CNN @BBC @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #iran Hasham Shabaani father Khalaf was disabled while fighting Iraqi forces during Iran-Iraq War @UNOCHA @CNN @BBC @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #iran In Dec 2011 Shabaani was tortured 2 confess on Iran’s Press TV of being in an armed group @UNOCHA @CNN @BBC @Hrw @UFT

This is  Abdolreza Ghanbari an Iranian teacher behind bars  awaiting execution #SaveMyTeacher #Iran @UFT @hrw @CNN

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Abdolreza Ghanbari 44,lecturer of Payam e Nour Univ arrested @ his home in Pakdasht on 1-4-10 @UN @CNN @BBC @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran  Ghanbari was charged with Moharebeh (enmity 2 God) 4 receiving unsolicited emails @UN @CNN @BBC @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Ghanbari is currently in prison waiting for his execution @Un @UFT @HRW @BBC @CNN

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Ghanbari’s trial was unjust & illegal as he didn't have a lawyer & a chance 2 defend himself @UN @CNN @BBC @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran While in detention at the notorious Evin Prison  Ghanbari was interrogated for 25 days @UN @CNN, @BBC @Hrw @UFT @Eduint

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran  Ghanbari death sentence has been confirmed by Tehran Appeal Court Branch 36 in April 2010 @CNN @Eduint @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Ghanbari was involved in teacher union activities until his union ITTA was dissolved in 2007 @UN @CNN @BBC @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #iran Hadi Rashedi 37 chemistry teacher arrested on 2-28-11 @UN @CNN @BBC @Hrw @UFT @Eduint

#SaveMyTeacher #iran Rashid has a keen interest in cultural issues & is an advocate for the poor @UN @CNN @BBC @Hrw @UFT @Eudint

#SaveMyTeacher #iran Hadi Rashedi has been sentence 2 death on 07- 8-12 on the Mohreb Charge (enemy of god) @UNOCHA @CNN @BBC @Hrw @UFT @Eduint

#SaveMyTeacher #iran  during his imprisonment Hadi  has suffered mental stress  and developed serious digestive disorder @UN @CNN @BBC @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #iran Rashidi has a history of teaching in remote areas of Iran is facing death penalty in persion @UN @CNN @BBC @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #iran Rashidi was under severe torture to the point that his hip bone was shattered.  @UN @CNN @BBC @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #iran Rashidi  was forced 2confess on TV to a crime he has not commited  @UN @CNN @Hrw @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran This is Rasoul Badaghi innocent Iranian teacher imprisoned @ notorious Rajai Shahr Prison @UN

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Rasoul Badaghi is an incarcerated member of the Board of Directors of Iran’s Teacher’s Guild (ITTA) @HRW @UN

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Badaghi arrested on Sept 2 2009 on charges of propaganda against the regime & colluding against national security @UN

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran 20 year teaching veteran Badaghi unjustly sentenced to 6 years prison by 15th Branch of the Revolutionary Court @Eduint

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Rasoul Badaghi ‘s sentence was upheld by the appeals court in Jan 2011 @UN @CNN @HRW @BBC @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Inncoent teacher Rasoul Badaghi unjustly banned from participation in any civil society for 5 yrs @HRW @UN @CNN

#SaveMyteacher #Iran On May 28th, 2010, Rasoul Badaghi was severely beaten by prison guards at Rajai Shahr prison @UN @HRW @CNN @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Badaghi assaulted @ 7:00am by Ghasem Mohammadi, Sheikh & Aghavi, 3 prison guards at Rajai Shahr @UN @HRW @Amnesty @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Badaghi  was repeatedly beaten ,sustaining severe injuries 2 the face,head & teeth @UFT @UN @CNN @HRW

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Ahmad Zeidabadi, incarcerated journalist also beaten when protesting the inhumane treatment of Bodaghi @CNN @HRW @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Political prisoners at Rajai Shahr’s ward 6 published statement condemning attack on Badeghi @UN @CNN @BBC @UFT @Eduint

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Badaghi launched hunger strike on 5/22/ 2011 along w/ other pol prisoners, protesting violation of prisoner rights @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Badaghi’s demands: full implementation of prison statutes, visitation rights, access to phone & right to furlough @HRW @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran  Badaghi’s demands:  end to all forms of pressure on families of political prisoners @CNN @Amnesty @HRW @BBC @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran  Badagi’s demands: Immediate improvement in prison conditions at Rajai Shahr prison @CNN @Amnesty @BBC @UN @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran  Badaghi transferred to solitary confinement on May 26th, 2011, one day after launching a hunger strike @UFT @CNN @HRW

#SaveMyTeacher Open letter by Badaghi’s 14 yr old daughter  urging ppl NOT to forget teachers behind bars @UN @HRW @CNN

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran  Badaghi transferred back to the general ward at Rajai Shahr on June 4 2011where he remains to date @UN @HRW @CNN @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran This is Abdollah Momeni incarcerated teacher & pro-democracy student activist @UN @Amnesty @HRW

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Abdollah Momeni was arrested on June 21 ‘09 @ the Free Citizen campaign headquarters, supporters of Mehdi Karroubi @UN

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Abdollah Momeni is the incarcerated spokesperson for the Alumni Association Advar Tahkim-e-Vahdat @CNN @Amnesty @HRW

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Momeni was charged in a mass show trial w/ propaganda against the regime & interview with anti-revolutionary media @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran  Momeni was also charged with colluding against national security & distributing false propaganda @CNN @UN @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Abdollah Momeni was also charged with contacting Human Rights Org @Amnesty & Human Rights Watch @HRW @UN @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Abdollah Momeni initially sentenced to 8 years behind bars at Evin prison @Amnesty @UN @HRW @CNN @BBC @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Abdollah Momeni’s sentence was later reduced to 4 years and eleven months by the appeals court @CNN @BBC @UN @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran In Sept 2010 Momeni wrote Khamenei a letter stating he had been severely tortured & coerced into false confessions @UN

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Momeni repeatedly denied visitation & medical furlough after writing letter detailing his torture & abuse @ Evin  @HRW

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Momeni suffers from a gastroenterological condition & previously suffered kidney failure while detained @HRW @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Momeni was hospitalized twice in May 2011 as a result of cardiac complications @UN @Amnesty @BBC @CNN @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran In 8/ 2011 Momeni was one of 12 Pol Prisoners launching hunger strike protesting death of cellmate Hoda Saber @UN @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Momeni was previously detained in 7/ 2007 on anniversary of 18 Tir Student uprising of 1999 @UN @Amnesty @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Momeni was awarded the 2009 Homo Homini Award by People in Need, an award he shared with Majid Tavakoli @UN @UFT

#SaveMyTeachers #Iran The list of teachers is not limited to the number we tweeted today some  families are even afraid to admit it  @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran This is incarcerated teacher, journalist & political prisoner Mohammad Davari @CNN @UN

#SaveMyTeacher #iran Davari, was editor in chief of Saham News & exposed horrific abuse at the Kahrizak Detention Center @UN @Amnesty @HRW

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Davari videotape statements from Kahrizak detainees who said they had been raped, abused, & tortured @BBC @Amnesty @UN

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Davari is a union activist, a member of D Central Council of Iranian Teachers Asso. & a disabled War veteran @UN #UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Davari began his teaching career in 1990 servicing schools in remote regions in Iran @UN @CNN @BBC  @UFT @CNN

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Davari was arrested in 2009 after Mehdi Karroubi divulged torture of political prisoners at Kahrizak prison @UN @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran  Security forces tortured Davari in prison, pressuring him to make televised confessions against Karroubi @UN @Amnesty

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Davari was sentenced to 5 yrs in prison. He received an additional year in 2001, increasing his sentence to 6 yrs @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran  Davari suffers from a heart condition, but continues to be denied furlough. @CNN @UN @Amensty @UFT

#SaveMyTeacher #Iran Ofogh's interview with Ahmad Shahid about Teachers in Iran Oct 2012 @UFT @CNN @UN @Amnesty

#SaveMyTeacher Ahamad Sahdi shows his support @2the Campaign 4 the Support of Imprisoned Teachers in Iran  @UFT @CNN @Amnesty #WTD2012

#SaveMyTeacher  The following list is not complete as many teachers are fearfull to share info in Iran @UFT @CNN @Eduint #WTD2012

 #SaveMyTeacher Iran Iran: Free Teachers Jailed for Speaking Out #WTD2012 @UFT @EDUINT

 معلم دربند  محمد داوری: مادرم سپاس، سپاس که سه سال صبوری کردی و خم به ابرو نیاوردی و کمر خم نکردی. #SaveMyTeacher #iran

 معلم دربند محمد داوری: مادرم! می دانم می بخشی همه آنها را و می دانم بخشش نمی خواهی از هیچ کدام از آنها. #SaveMyTeacher #iran

#SaveMyTeacher #iran از سال1378 تا کنون حدود ۲۰۰۰ نفر از معلمان از سوی دادسرا احضار، بازداشت یا محکوم شدند

#SaveMyTeacher #iran کانون صنفی معلمان ایران: کودکان ایرانی از آموزشی مدنی، علمی و دموکراتیک بی بهره اند  

#SaveMyTeacher #iran معلم دربند محمد داوری 1123 روز در زندان است.او حتی یک روز هم به مرخصی نیامده است.
Thank you all for your participation in the Tweet Storm