Monday, May 28, 2012

Emergency Tweet Storm For the Jailed Blogger Hossein Ronaghi Maleki

In the Name of Democracy and Freedom, let us Unit to Demonstrate the Power of Our Voice to the Iranian Regime and Support 
Hossein Ronaghi Maleki !

Time : Monday May 28th  2012: 12:00pm California (Pacific Standard Time) 3:00pm EST (Eastern Standard time) 9:00pm Mainland Europe (CET) 8:00pm UK (BST)
11:30pm Tehran 
Please copy paste the following tweets .Make sure not to tweet more then one tweet per min.
Please DO NOT USE THE #IRANELECTION tag. Using the tag #IRANELECTION  will destroy any chance of us trending. By doing so YOU will jeopardize his chance for freedom.
Feel free to add your own tweets but don't forget to use #SaveMaleki and #Iran tags in that order.
And please don't use these tweets before the intented time.
Thank you for your participation . 
Lets blow the twitter away !

The Next Tweets will tell U D story of Hossein Ronaghi Maleki A.K.A > @khorramdin. A fellow tweep! #SaveMaleki

#SaveMaleki Ronaghi Maleki is a Blogger in #Iran who was arrested on Dec 13th of 2009. @AJStream @fredabrahams

#SaveMaleki Ronaghi Maleki’s last tweet was on12/11/09 as @khorramdin.He was arrested on 12/13/09. @AJStream @AjEnglish @Amnesty @BBCNews

#SaveMaleki  Ronghi Maleki is a dissident blogger & a member of #Iran Proxy Group fighting Internet censorship. @AJStream @BBCNews

#SaveMaleki In May 2010, Ronaghi Maleki was transferred 2 solitary confinement after starting a hunger strike. @AJStream @AjEnglish @Amnesty

10/5/10 #SaveMaleki Hossein was taken 2 D Revolutionary Court without presence of his lawyers & Sentence to 15yrs prison @NadimHoury #Iran

#SaveMaleki Hossein 2 his Mother: I’ll never accept the charges nor will I accept the sentence.” @AJStream  @Amnesty @BBCNews  #Iran

#SaveMaleki Hossein was beaten & forced to sign the verdict he wasn’t permitted even 2 read. @fredabrahams #Iran

#SaveMaleki “I will not for a moment stop demanding Hossein’s legal rights & will continue 2 seek justice 4 him”, says his father. #Iran

#SaveMaleki Hossein was transferred 2 hospital in handcuffs in April 2011.  @AJStream @AjEnglish @Amnesty #Iran

#SaveMaleki On 6/2011 Hossein was transferred from D Hospital back 2 Evin, though his treatment wasn’t finished. #Iran @amnesty

#SaveMaleki Back 2 solitary, against doctors’ advise he begins a hunger strike 2 protest. @AJStream #Iran @Nadimboury

#SaveMaleki He was beaten in prison in Aug 2011 after writing a letter 2 a prosecutor protesting his mistreatment. @AJStream @Amnesty #Iran

Oct.2011 #SaveMaleki  Ronaghi Maleki is refusing medical treatment & his medication at Evin prison  @AJStream #Iran

#SaveMaleki  Dec.2011 Hossein is transferred 2 hospital in but is denied medical furlough & starts hunger strike in protest @AJStream #Iran

#SaveMaleki He has had 4 operations since his arrest in 2009 and in none of those times was he allowed a sick leave. #Iran @Ajstream

 #SaveMaleki  Hossein’s letter to D public prosecutor announcing his hunger strike in Oct 2011 @Amnesty @BBCNews #Iran   

#SaveMaleki Hossein ends his hunger strike to prevent limitations for his cellmates at section 350 of Evin. @AjEnglish @Amnesty #Iran

#SaveMaleki In Jan. with medical difficulties he is put under tremendous pressure 2 make T.V confession #Iran

#SaveMaleki The main reason 4 continuing denial of medial furlough is Ronaghi Maleki's refusal 2 make false confessions. #Iran @Amnesty

#SaveMaleki Hossein continues 2B denied necessary medical furlough in Evin prison in dire health. @amnesty #Iran

#SaveMaleki Be the voice of the voiceless. Help Ronaghi Maleki get the proper medical attention he needs. @amnesty @AJstream #Iran

#SaveMaleki Did you know Hossein has been in prison since Dec 13th of 2009 ? http:// @samerHRW @ReedBrody #Iran

#SaveMaleki Contact @Amnesty & be Hossien's Voice ask them to help  #Iran #Humanrights @HRW

 #SaveMaleki Be the voice of the voiceless. Help Ronaghi-Maleki  get the medical help he needs. @hebamorayef @nadimhoury #Iran

#SaveMaleki Isn’t it time 4 U 2 step in & help Ronaghi-Maleki get the proper medical help he needs? @un @Amnesty @HRW #Iran

#SaveMaleki Dear @amnestyinternational the clock is ticking. Hossein is in need of another operation. Do the right thing! #Iran @Abcnews

#SaveMaleki Hossein is in need of kidney operation NOW. Don’t let politics cloud your judgment when it comes to #humanrights. #Iran

#SaveMaleki #Iran Have u written your letter yet? It takes 1 min to help save a life #Iran #SoG @Amnesty

#SaveMaleki #Iran Plz save Rohaghi-Malek @amnesty @CNN @ABCNEWS @NBC News

#SaveMaleki Listen to the cry of Hossein's Fathter 4 help.Plz help save his life @Amnesty #Iran

#SaveMaleki Deteriorating & Dire Health Of Human Rights Activist/Blogger Hossein Ronaghi Maleki #Iran @hrw @CNN

#SaveMaleki Did U know Hossien is on hunger strike and suffering from kidney disease? @hrw @Iran @AJStream

#SaveMaleki Hossein's Father : If My Son dies, The Interrogators & certain members of IRCG will be responsibel @AJStream #Iran @CNN @Un

#SaveMaleki May12th 2012 Hossein has Started another hunger stricke, #Iran @Cnn @abcnews @Un @HRW @AJStream

#SaveMaleki poster: plz help us save his life @abcnews @AJStream

#SaveMaleki Hossein is being injected with painkillers on a daily basis which in turn has caused him 2 develop gallstones #Iran @hrw

#SaveMaleki According to the CT Scan Hossein has only one functioning kidney which needs to be operated asap. @UN @HRW @nadimhoury

#SaveMaleki Prisoner Aash Sadeghi announced his hunger strike on may 24th 2 support Ronaghi Maleki and his demands #Iran @HRW @AJStream

#SaveMaleki Hossein "I May find my place beside the late Hoda saber, who gave his life innocently in priosn" #Iran @AJStream @Hrw @UN

#SaveMaleki Hunger strike is a conscious choice, the choice of a voluntary & painful death and the last resort #Iran @UN @Amnesty

#SaveMaleki We ask @Amnesty to intervene on behalf of Ronaghi Maleki & ask #Iran to give him the medical care that he needs

#SaveMaleki Let us be the voice of the voiceless, let us save a man from a slow and painful death @hrw @Ajstream  @Amnesty #Iran

#SaveMaleki Canadian senator speaks about Hossein @AJStream #Iran

 #SaveMaleki Writes protest letter 2 D leader  #Iran #Humanrights @AJStream 

#SaveMaleki If U haven't signed it plz sign the petition to save Hossein #Iran #humanrights

#SaveMaleki Hossein to Khamenei: I won’t stop my hunger strike till my demands 4 medical help are met. #Iran @AJStream

#SaveMaleki برای آزادی حسین رونقی ملکی فریاد بزنید  For Hossein and his mother #Iran #Humanrights 

Thank You for participating in the tweet storm.