Thursday, November 8, 2012

Letter Writing Storm to Save Nasrin Sotoudeh's life

طوفان نامه نویسی برای نجات جان نسرین ستوده 
Please Help sending out this letter to human right groups and the UN and ask them to To save Nasrin Sotoudeh Life 

Please use the following letter to human rights groups and the UN, calling upon them to save Nasrin Sotoudeh's  life. 

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Subject: Please save Nasrin Sotoudeh's  life

خواهشمند یم ایمیل زیر را به ارگانها حقوق بشری و رسانهای بین المللی ارسال فرمائید
1- متن ایمیل
2- ضمیمه ایمیل را به صورت فایل به ایمیل ضمیمه نمائید.
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1- Body:       متن ایمیل

Dear Sir / Madam ,

A group of close friends of Nasrin Sotoudeh, the prominent Iranian rights lawyer, are launching an appeal for her, addressed to all human rights organizations, asking them to take supportive action for her. Nasrin Sotoudeh has been on a hunger strike in Evin prison in Iran since October 17, 2012 and is in critical condition.

I am writing in hopes that you can kindly follow up this critical issue and see what
you can do locally or internationally to support this action. Attached you will find more
information about Nasrin Sotoudeh.

For any matters at all please do contact Vattandoost at (914) 407-4103 / or myself.

Thank you very much in advance and looking forward to your response

Best Regards

  2-Attachement  ضمیمه

As you know for several years the ruling government of Iran, has been acting against the rightful demands of the Iranian people, has been repressing political and civil activists and even union workers and has monitored and silenced their freedom and justice seeking voices. The most significant of such crackdowns occurred right after the June 2009 controversial and engineered presidential elections following which the regime killed many justice seeking Iranians who took to the streets to protest against such evident fraud, and arrested many other groups including students, writers, lawyers and other intellectuals, civil activists and union workers, who were tried in the show trials and were sentenced illegally.

One of these freedom seeking prisoners is Nasrin Sotoudeh, born in 1963, is an Iranian lawyer and human rights advocate. She has represented opposition activists imprisoned following Iran's disputed June 2009 presidential elections, juveniles facing the death penalty, women and prisoners of conscience. She was arrested in September 2010 on charges of spreading propaganda and conspiring to harm state security and has been held in solitary confinement.
Sotoudeh has two children. She recently started a hunger strike in protest against the state's harassment of her family

Sotoudeh staged her first hunger strike in October 2010 when she was placed in solitary confinement while awaiting trial, and two more hunger strikes before the end of the year. Her current hunger strike was prompted by authorities' repeated obstruction and outright denials of her right to contact with family members, including her 12-year-old daughter, Mehraveh, and four-year-old son, Nima. Her husband, Reza Khandan, wrote on Facebook that "she has lost so much weight and is so weak that she is unrecognizable to those who have not seen her for a
Since the authoritarian regime of Iran has repeatedly shown to have no values for the lives of the political prisoners, we are very much concerned about her  deteriorating physical conditions and that of the other freedom seeking prisoners in Iran and we fear that these justice seeking individuals will face a silent death inside the prisons, as the result of deliberate negligence and incapability of the Iranian authorities.
Hence, considering the positive outcomes of international support in eliminating the sufferance of the political prisoners, we ask you to use all your capacities and that of international human rights organizations, to pressure the authoritarian government of Iran, which denies the rights and freedoms of its citizens, in order to save the lives of these heroes from the devastating tyranny and oppression. This tyranny is neither what was promised to the nation, nor is in line with the ideals set forth by the freedom and justice seeking people of Iran to fight tyranny 33 years ago.

Hoping for a brighter tomorrow for the oppressed people of Iran.  A tomorrow in which all citizens rights and freedoms enshrined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution, are respected and achieved.
Thank You for you time


(914) 407-4103

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