Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tweet Storm To Honor The third year Anniversary of Iran's Uprising

In the Name of Democracy and Freedom, let us Unite and Remind the world that the love for freedom has not and will not die in Iran

Time: Tehran 22:30, NY 2 pm , California 11 am, Main Land Europe 8 pm, London 7 pm.

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Do to the fact that this is a special occasion the number is tweets is more then usual and the storm will be longer then usual 
Thank you for your participation . 

#RememberIran The following tweets are to remind the world of #Iran uprising in 2009. To honor those who died & those who are still in prison @ajstream

This is how it all began: I Mir Hossein Mousavi, Have Come To Defend Freedom Of Thought & Speech #RememberIran #Iran 

Tehran, June 13, 2009 people protesting the fraudulent election  #RememberIran #Iran 

#RememberIran and its brave lions and lioness #Iran @CNN @BBC @UN @AJStream 

#RememberIran weeks before presidential elections, televised debates & campaign meetings created a relative space of freedom

#RememberIran Moussavi’s campaign managed to coalesce pro-democracy forces against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, regime’s candidate

#RememberIran an extraordinary pro-democracy movement,with women & students as key constituents, could finally find its voice

RememberIran the Green Movement was born to let the Iranian people reclaim their civil rights after 3 decades of tyranny

#RememberIran on election day, large turnout & exit polls confirmed the expected landslide for Mir-Hossein Moussavi 

#RememberIran do you remember this speech #Iran #AJStream @CNN

#RememberIran  @onlymehdi [...] 20 ballot boxes all have either 65 or 211 votes. Can copy paste get more blatant? #Iran

#RememberIran 6/14/09 15 students were severely injured by beating or killed when police& basij attacked Tehran U dorm

#RememberIran 6/15 Mousavi made his 1st post-election appearance, before supporters numbered at 2 million or more,at a rally in Freedom Sq

15th June 2009 millions protest in Tehran against election fraud  #RememberIran #Iran

#RememberIran on 15 June 2009, more than 2.5 million silently demonstrated in Tehran 2 reclaim their basic civil rights @Ajstream

#RememberIran the signature slogan of this massive silent demonstration on June 15th 2009 was: “Where is My Vote?” @Ajstream 

#RememberIran pple protesting the fraudulent election in Kerman, June 2009 #Iran

#RememberIran Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) & plainclothes militias (Basij) attacked & arrested peaceful demonstrators

#RememberIran on 15 June 2009, regime forces attacked Tehran student dorms & killed 5 students #Iran @Ajstream

#RememberIran 6/15/09 #Iran uprising turns bloody @AJstream @CNN

#RememberIran  June 2009 -Tehran - Protest & strike continued -Mousavi joins the protest  #Iran

#RememberIran 2009  Internet brings events to #Iran @Ajstream #Iran 

Tehran June 16 - The silent march -millions turned out on the streets  #RememberIran #Iran

#RememberIran Thousands of people massed the streets of Tehran again #june16 #Iran

#RememberIran People's peaceful protest met with extreme violence by regime forces   #Iran

#RememberIran Over 120 Tehran U professors who had resigned in protest of violence against students joined street protest #Iran

#RememberIran 6/17 about 100,000 ppl went to the streets as per Mousavi’s request to honor the ppl who lost their life on the 15th #Iran

#RememberIran 6/18 peace full protest in #Iran

#RememberIran 6/18 Candle-bearing protesters massed in central Tehran on Thursday near Toopkhoneh Square #Iran

#RememberIran  Mousavi's headquarters was wrecked by plainclothes police officers" with many staffers arrested. #Iran

#RememberIran Her name was Neda 6/20 #Iran @CNN @AjStream do you remember her?

#RememberNeda The world will always remember her eyes #Iran Neda @AJStream @cnn @abcnews

June 20, Tehran people being attacked by forces  #RememberIran #Iran

Police brutality Shiraz university June 20, 2009 #RememberIran #Iran

#RememberIran 6/20 the street fights continues #Iran @AJstream @CNN

#RememberIran 6/21 Former Presidents daughter Faezeh Rafzanjani gets Arrested #Iran

#RememberIran @PersianKiwi Allah - you are the creator of all and all must return to you - Allah Akbar - #Iran Sea of Green

#RememberIran 6/24/09 Former President Khatami calls for peaceful protest in the bazaar and across #Iran

#RememberIran 6/25 President elect Mir Hossein Mousavi remained defiant, denouncing the election as an "evil conspiracy #Iran

#RememberIran 6/26/09 ppl  across the world released green balloons in what would be called "Balloon Day" in support of the protesters #Iran

Images from June protest in Tehran showing police brutality  #RememberIran #Iran

#RemeberIran there was mass protests in #Iran and all around the world to support the students @AJStream @CNN @worldnews

#RememberIran the silence protests In #Iran #GhodsDay @AjStream @CNN
#RememberIran how can we forget KAHRIZAK ?  @AJstream @CNN @worldnews

#RememberIran opposition leader Mr. Karoubi calls for investigation of Kahrizak prison #Iran @Ajstream @Cnn 

#RememberIran 12/7/09 housands of university students in Iran turned a student rally into anti-government protests

#RememberIran Student Leader Majid Tavakoli got arrested after giving this speech @AJStream @CNN

#RememberIran  درود بر مجید توکلی  رهبر دانشجویان #Iran

#RememberIran Grand Ayatollah Montazeri death sparks protests #Iran

#RememberIran How can we forget #Ashora a day that suppose to be a none violence Ali r Hossein’s nephew was among the 1st who got killed . #Iran

#RememberIran The aftermath of Ashora was more arrests among which were prominent lawyers & journalists  @Ajstream

#RememberIran On first year anniversary of rigged election, protesters have been severely repressed by arrests & brutality @AJstream @CNN

#RememberIran 02/14/2011, in solidarity with Arab’s spring, thousands of protesters were gathered after Mousavi & Karoubi’s call @AJstream

#RememberIran On the day of protest on 25 Bahman, 02/14/2011, Mousavi & Karroubi were placed under house arrest @AJstream @CNN #25Bahman

#RememberIran Early in the morning on 02/14/2011, Akbar Amini climbed atop a crane in Tehran, wearing a green head band @AJstream @CNN

#RememberIran 2 of the protesters, Sane Jaleh with Mohammad Mokhtari got killed, many protesters got arrested on #25Bahman @AJstream @CNN

#RememberIran According to reporter, Sane Jaleh with Mohammad Mokhtari were both shot by Basiji members on motorcycles @AJstream @CNN

#RememberIran Protests were also reported in the cities of Isfahan and Shiraz, as well as in Rasht, Mashhad and Kermanshah @AJstream @CNN

#RememberIran Many protests were undergoing throughout February & March 2011 after the illegal house arrest of Karoubi & Mouavi @AJstream

#RememberIran هرکی که کم میاره، ناموس وسط میاره:

 #RememberIran  بررسی میزان راست گویی یک فرد من از داخل روزنامه ها متوجه شدم!بازخوانی 
شبی دیگرخاطره ای دیگر  حمایت ادامه دارد #RememberIran     حالا من و تو موندیم و دنیای خاکستریمون   با حسرت آسمون زلال بالا سریمون: #RememberIran 

اگر تقلب بشه ایران قیامت میشه #RememberIran

جشنی در راه است شهر را آماده عروسی هفت شبانه روز کنید    : #RememberIran 
دیکتاتور جدید شناخته شد #RememberIran

پذیرایی با شیرینی بین مردم برای جشن کودتا2 #RemeberIran

راهپیمایی راهپیمایی حمایت #RememberIran

تیراندازی تیراندازی جنایت #RememberIran

ضبط شده توسط خود حمله کنندگان... دانشگاه تهرانرسانه ملی نبود... v=bkHSVNRdLdY#RemenberIran

The list of Prisoners 

#RememberIran 483 Days Since The Illegal Arrest And Detention Of Mir Hossein Mousavi

#RememberIran 483 days since the illegal arrest & detention of Green leader Mehdi Karroubi

#RememberIran 483 days since the illegal arrest & detention of Green leader Zahra Rahnavard

 #RememberIran and dont forget to check these sites for more info on prisoners ; @AjStream

#RememberIran where oppositionleader Mehdi Karoubi and his wife have been under house arrest for well over a year now

#RememberIran where a prominent opposition leader such as Mir-Hossein Mousavi can go Missing since reported house arrest on 10 Feb 2011

#RememberIran on 27 Mar 2012, after well over a year, Opposition Leader Mousavi is still arrested at home -

#RememberIran for all political prisoners who have died in jail, are still  detained, have been released and/or have been severely tortured

#RememberIran where in 2009 the election was forged which lead to mass protests, followed by mass arrests and show trials #Iran @Ajstream

We should ALL #RememberIran NOT for it's nuclear rights but for the lack of human rights and all innocent lifes lost #Iran @hrw @CNN

#RememberIran? more than 80 journalists, bloggers and human rights reporters behind bars, more than 90 journalists have bn released on bail

#RememberIran In Iran, 100+ Journalists Have Been Detained Since the 2009 Elections, these are their names: @CNN @Ajstream #Iran
#RememberIran where filing an appeal can easily lead to your sentence being increased instead of reduced #Iran @Ajstream

#RememberIran Meet Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, Well-known blogger, IT enthusiast and strong advocate against cyber censorship, dying in prison

#RememberIran Hossein Ronaghi Maleki AKA @Khorramdin has been on hunger strike since 26 May 2012 #Iran @Ajstream

#RememberIran Hossein Derakhshan, blogger, was arrested  inNov 08 & sentenced to 19.5 years in prison September 30, 2010

#RememberIran Nasrin Sotoudeh was arrested on Dec 6th, 2010 and has been on a hunger strike several times since arrest #Iran

#RememberIran Mehdi Khazali, on 70th day of hunger strike, was released on bail on March 18 2012 - Lost 30 kgs

#RememberIran Alireza Eftekhari, A young, promising Iranian journalist was killed on June 15 2009 during the mayhem of the street protests

#RememberIran Ahmad Zeidabadi, journalist/analist was forced to spend 17 days in a coffin-like solitary cell of 1 by 1.5 mtrs (3 x 3.5 feet)

#RememberIran A passionate letter by Bahareh Hedayat, arrested in December 2009 for the fifth time #Iran @AJStream @CNN

#RememberIran where Ahmadi Amoui was arrested on 20 June 2009 during peaceful protests, part of evidence against him: a poem from Ferdowsi

#RememberIran B. Ahmadi Amoui was sentenced to 7 (reduced to 5) years & 4 months in prison and 34 lashes for propagating against the regime

#RememberIran, where Masoud Bastani was arrested when he went2court to obtain the release of his wife after arrest during election tumult

#RememberIran Isa Saharkhiz who wrote open & critical letters to Ayatollah Khamenei was arrested in July 09 & sentenced to 3 yrs in prison 

#RememberIran Mohammad Davari helped film and document the stories of detainees who had been raped and tortured after the 2009

#RememberIran Mohammad Davari was charged with propagating against the regime and received a five-year prison sentence, 2 already served

#RememberIran Journalist&political activist Mehdi Mahmoudian, arrested & charged w/ propaganda against the state,sentenced to 5yrs in prison

#RememberIran Last April, Mahmoudian wrote another letter to Ayt Khamenei informing him about the rape of prisoners at Rajai Shahr Prison

#RememberIran Ayt Boroujerdi was subjected to beatings in prison, denied medical furlough in spite of heart condition #Iran @hrw @AjStream

#RememberIran where Ali Malihi was arrested in Feb 2009, with his family being kept in the dark for days after his detention @Ajstream #Iran

#RememberIran Ali Malihi was sentenced to 4 years in prison and a $100,000 fine. He has gone on hunger strike twice while in prison

 #RememberIran where an ayatollah can become victim of a poisoining attempt in prison and suspects are granted leave #Iran @Ajstream

 #RememberIran where student leaders such as Majid Tavakoli are being imprisoned, tortured and killed for speaking out @AjStream

#RememberIran Fereidoun Seidi-Rad,sentenced to 3 yrs Charges: ‘blogging’, ‘participating in funeral’ & ‘participating in protest gatherings’

#RememberIran Foad Shams was banned from continuing his university education after serving his sentence 

#RememberIran Just a few names of countless political prisoners in Iran: Roufia Bidaghi, Zabihollah Bagheri, Yousef ManbouhiYaser Goli 

#RememberIran Just a few names of countless political prisoners in Iran: Soroush Safaverdi, Shouresh Saeedzadeh, Rouhieh Rouzkhosh 

#RememberIran Just a few names of countless political prisoners in Iran: Mohayedin Azadi, Moein Mirzaei, Masoud Ladani, Masoud Adib 

#RememberIran Just a few names of countless political prisoners in Iran: Hiva Pezeshkian, Hijaboddin Elhami, Hanieh Farshi-Shotorban

#RememberIran just a few of the many political prisoners in Iran; Ghasem Rahimi-Azar, Ahmad Rabazi-Moboraki, Ali Pour, Ali Pirhasanloo

#RememberIran just a few of the many political prisoners in Iran; Sharif Saed-Panah, Afshin Osanlou, Somayeh Ojaghloo, Mahmoud Ojaghloo 

#RememberIran just a few of the many political prisoners in Iran; Navid Nouri, Kasra Nouri, Mohammad-Jalal Nikbakht, Zahra Nik-Aein

#RememberIran A few of the many political prisoners in Iran: Jamal Nezal-Abeyat, Jalil Nezal-Abeyat, Hossein-Jalil Nataj,

#RememberIran Shiva Nazar-Ahari, Human rights activist & member of Committee of Human Rights Reporters is free on a 500 million! Toman bail

#RememberIran where 65 year old Hasan Razavi-Derakhshi was arrested at home for converting to another religion

#RememberIran Mojtaba Karimi&Erfan Mohammad were recently arrested and sent to prison for distributing Kebrit, a forbidden student newspaper

#RememberIran where 85yr old Mohammad Hossein Nakhaei who served 5 yrs for being a Baha'i, is arrested during a raid against his home

#RememberIran Arash Sadeghi has been arrested 4 times since the elections in 2009, endured torture and has been on multiple hungerstrikes

#RememberIran Arash Sadeghi on 25 May 2012 Began a hunger strike to support Hossein Ronaghi Maleki

#RememberIran Arash Sadeghi was sentenced to 74 lashes and a total of 9 years in jail after having been submitted to severe torture 

#RememberIran Riaz Sobhani was arrested during raid against BIHE on 22 May 2011, sentenced to 4 yrs in prison 

#RememberIran Vahdat Dana was reportedly moved to Shiraz 100 Intelligence detention despite parole being approved

 #RememberIran Javad Alikhani a final year student of Veterinary Medicine.
was arrested in Oct 2007 and sentenced to 5 years in 2008

#RememberIran,they arrested Ebrahim Rashidi 4X since 13-06-2010 & sentenced him to 1 yr in prison in 2012 #RememberIran

#RememberIran? They recently denied extension of medical furlough for Mahboubeh Karami, despite health problems

#RememberIran Remember film director Mohammad Rasoulov? he was sentenced to 6 years in prison #Irann @Ajstream

#RememberIran Prisoner Solmaz Ikdar, journalist, arrested at Hoda Saber’s funeral at Behesht-e Zahra #Iran @AjStream
#RememberIran where 3 members of the same family will be imprisoned during election protests & sent to jail #Iran @Ajstream

#RememberIran Meet Prisoner Navid Mohebi, Supporter of One Million Signatures Campaign, #Iran @Ajstream

#RememberIran Meet  Prisoner Hamid Moazeni, Author & journalist covering election issues in 2009, Reported arrested again in Dec #Iran @AjStream
#RememberIran Meet  Prisoner Mohammad-Sedigh Kaboudvand, arrested in 07, has been on multiple hungerstrikes #Iran @AjStream

#RememberIran where you can be arrested for teaching the underpriviliged as was Sama Nourani in 2006 #Iran @CNN @AjStream

#RememberIran where over 600 students& lecturers, were arrested since 2009, many imprisoned #Iran @AjStream @CNN
#RememberIran where 100s are being deprived of education, as a result of their political activities #Iran @AJStream @CNN

#RememberIran Where bahais are at risk of being arrested and deprived of their rights as was Badiollah Lohrasb

#RememberIran Saman Mahmoudi-Saraei, photojournalist to Shargh newspaper, arrested 2x recently sent back to Evin prison #Iran @AjStream @CNN @Hrw 

#RemeberIran Abolfazl Abedini, former member of #HumanRights Organization in #Iran sentenced to eleven years @AJstream

#RemeberIran Nasrin Sotoudeh, who is in Prison for simply defending her clients and insisting that iranian authorities respect #HumanRights

#RemeberIran  Arzhang Davoodi 15-year sentence handed down as punishment for the peaceful exercise of his right to freedom of expression

#RemeberIran  Laleh Hassanpour, a #HumanRights activist and #blogger sentenced to five years in prison
#RemeberIran Scientist Omid Kokabi Is Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison For Refusing To Cooperate With IRGC

#RemeberIran Mehdi Khodaei member of the Committee of #HumanRights Reporters sentenced to four years in prison

#RemeberIran Abdollah Momeni who wrote a letter to Iran’s Supreme Leader about torture during interrogations in Prisons of #Iran

#RemeberIran Mostafa Tajzadeh Reformist who spent for several months inside solitary cells at Evin, sentenced to 6 years Prison #Iran 

#RemeberIran Javad Alikhani, medicine student with  kidney disease and  bladder bleeding, medical treatment not approved @AjStream

#RemeberIran Ahmadreza Ahmadpour, a defrocked cleric, serving his prison term in exile with many limitations #Iran @Ajstream

#RemeberIran Majid Dori Student Activist sentenced to 11 years in prison,  deprived of  education

#RemeberIran Abdolfattah Soltani #HumanRights lawyer, jailed for 18 years, banned from practicing his profession for 20 years

#RemeberIran Keyvan Samimi (62) sentenced to 6 years of jail and 15 years ban from any journalistic, social and political activity

#RemeberIran Hanieh Farshi Shotorban with kidney problems Sentenced to seven years in prison or "insulting Supreme Leader"

The List of Martyrs 

#RememberIran We are honored by the memory of our fallen heroes who gave their lives for our freedom. We will never forget their sacrifice. 

#RememberIran  #Neda Agha Soltan (27) uni student, shot on June 20, 2009, in Tehran

#RememberIran Ali Hassanpour  killed on 15June2009 at Azadi Square, his body was given to his family 105 days later

#RememberIran  Mehdi Karami, 17, killed in Janat Abad Street, Tehran, 15 June 2009

#RememberIran  Ashkan Sohrabi (18), high school student, killed by a bullet in Tehran on June 20, 2009

#RememberIran  Sohrab Arabi (19), pre-university student, killed with a gunshot wound to the heart on June 15

#RememberIran Mohammad Naderipour Head of D Mousavi student campaign in Sirjan, Kidnapped & killed by security forces

#RememberIran  Taraneh Mousavi (19) was subjected to severe sexual Abuse, her burnt body was found near Qazvin

#RememberIran  Naser Amirnejad (26), university student in aerospace engineering, Killed on June 15 by gun shots of Basij force

#RememberIran  Mohammad Javad Parandakh, a postgraduate student of petrochemistry in Esfahan. He died in custody

#RememberIran  Alireza Tavasoli,12, has been killed by security forces on mourning ceremony on Beheshte Zahra cemetry

#RememberIran Mostafa Ghanian (26) a graduate of architectural engineering, was shot to death 4 calling Allah-O-Akbar

#RememberIran Amir Javadifar, uni student, died in prison of his injuries and further savage beating

#RememberIran  Yaghoub Barvayeh was shot in the head,was in coma, he died in Loghman-e Hakim Hospital on 25 June 2009

#RememberIran  Mohsen Ruholamini (25), university student, tortured and killed in the Kahrizak detention center

#RememberIran  Mohammad Kamrani (18) died on 16 July in hospital of his wounds inflicted by torture in Kahrizak

#RememberIran  Hossein Tahmasbi (25) was killed on the street in Kermanshah, June 15th 2009
#RememberIran  Mostafa Kashani Rasa, Mousavi's campaign headquarter in Tehran, died of shots in his heart and neck

#RememberIran    Sajad Ghaed Rahmati (20) shot on June 21/2009

#RememberIran Mostafa Kiarostami (22) died after severely injured on the head by basiji beating during Friday prayers

#RememberIran Ramin Ghahremani passed away in Hospital with visible signs of torture on his body

#RememberIran  Ahmad Najati Kargar, victim of the torture and abuse in Kahrizak, died in the hospital

#RememberIran Fatemeh Rajabpour (38) killed with her mother Ms. Borouman during the violent clashes 15June2009

#RememberIran Davood Sadri(27) Killed on June15 Authorities released his body 2 family after charging 350$ bullet fee

#RememberIran  Kianoosh Asa, a chemical engineering student, killed by a gunshot to the neck

#RememberIran Hossein Akhtarzand After severe beating, was thrown to D ground from D roof of D third floor by Basijis

#RememberIran   Moharram Chegini Gheshlaghi (35) killed on 15 June at Azadi Square

#RememberIran  Amir Mirza is another victim of torture and horrible treatment of political prisoners in Iran

#RememberIran  Abbad Disnad (40) was a shopkeeper, murdered by heavy blows to his head in Azadi Avenue

#RememberIran  Hamid Maddah, member of Mousavi's campaign died because of his injuries inflicted by torture

#RememberIran  Hossein Akbari (18) was killed after arrest while in custody of security forces

#RememberIran  Meysam Ebadi, 17 yrs old was shot to death June 13 in Sadeghiye square in Tehran

#RememberIran  Mahmood Raeisi Najafi Killed from extensive injury due to attack

#RememberIran  Masoud Hashemzadeh, 27, was shot and killed on 20 June in Tehran

#RememberIran  Bahman Jenabi (20)  killed in Tehran by Basij force

#RememberIran  Ramin Ramezani (20) was shot three times and killed during the second week of street protest

#RememberIran  Amir Hossein Toufanpour father of a 7-year-old daughter shot on 30 Khordad (20 June)

#RememberIran  Saeed Abbasi (24) Killed On 20 June shot by security Force in Tehran

#RememberIran  Green Movement activist Majid Kamali was murdered in detention on August 25, 2009 in Yazd

#RememberIran  Hamid Hossein Beig Araghi (22)  shot in the heart in Enghelab street, 30 Khordad (June 20)

#RememberIran Seyed Ali Habibi Mousavi(43) father of 2 children, Mousavi's Nephew was killed during D Ashoura protests  

#RememberIran  Amir Arshad Tadjmir (25) hit and killed by Basij truck on Ashura

#RememberIran  Mehdi Farhadi Rad was killed with two bullets, one in the chest and one in the head on Ashura

#RememberIran  Mostafa Karim Beigi (27) killed with a single bullet to his forehead by the security forces on Ashura

#RememberIran  Shahrokh Rahmani was hit and ran over by a police vehicle on Ashura protest

#RememberIran  Amir Eslamian, member of Karubi's campaign in Hamedan, his Body was discovered near his village

#RememberIran  Shabnam Sohrabi (34) run over by police car on Ashura, died from her wounds Had 6 yr old daughter

#RememberIran  Mostafa Mir Ebrahimi arrested at Neda Agha Soltan’s grave site, Died under Torture in Prison
#RememberIran  Mohammad Reza Ali Zamani (37) executed for election protests

#RememberIran  Arash Rahmani Pour (19)  executed on 28 January for election protests

#RememberIran  Anwar Ghafoori (32) His Body was released to his family after 5 Days detained in Saghez

#RememberIran Mohammad Mokhtari (22)  shot & killed by basij forces on 14Feb2011

#RememberIran Alireza Sabouri wounded in 2009 demonstrations dies from wounds 2011 in Boston

#RememberIran Sane Jaleh was directly shot at while trying to run away from armed plainclothes forces
#RememberIran Behnoud Ramezani (19) was beaten to death by Basijis during Fire Festival

#RememberIran Dr. Ramin Pourandarjani (26) Murdered in Iran for Refusal to Falsify Death Certificates at #Kahrizak

#RememberIran Iranian-Dutch citizen Zahra Bahrami, protested during Ashura, was executed Jan 29th, 2011
#RememberIran @CNN @AJstream @worldNews #Iran @abcnews 

Thank you for your support of all the freedom fighters of Iran