Monday, April 23, 2012

Tweet Storm : To save Hossein Ronaghi Maleki

In the Name of Democracy and Freedom, let us Unit to Demonstrate the Power of Our Voice to the Iranian Regime and Support 
Hossein Ronaghi Maleki !
Time : Monday April 23rd  2012: 12:00pm California (Pacific Standard Time) 3:00pm EST (Eastern Standard time) 9:00pm Mainland Europe (CET) 8:00pm UK (BST)
11:30pm Tehran 
Please copy paste the following tweets .Make sure not to tweet more then one tweet per min.
Please do not use the #iranelection tag. and please do not use the tags provided before the the storm.
Feel free to add your own tweets but don't forget to use #FreeHossein and #Iran tags in that order.
And please don't use these tweets before the intented time.
Thank you for your participation . 
Lets blow the twitter away

The Next Tweets will tell U D story of Ronaghi-Maleki A.K.A > @khorramdin  a fellow tweep #HelpHossein
#HelpHossien Ronaghi Maleki is a Blogger in  #Iran who was arrested Dec 13th of 2009  @AJStream @fredabrahams
#HelpHossein Ronaghi Maleki’s last tweet was on12/11/09 as @khorramdin.He was arrested on 12/13/09. @AJStream @AjEnglish @Amnesty @BBCNews
#HelpHossein last entry in his blog is celebrating D birthday of Babak Khorramdin after whom he picked his twitter name @khorramdin #Iran
#HelpHossein Ronghi Maleki is a dissident blogger & a member of #Iran Proxy Group fighting Internet censorship. @AJStream @BBCNews
#HelpHossein Ronaghi Maleki in May 2010 is transferred 2 solitary confinement after starting a hunger strike @AJStream @AjEnglish @Amnesty
10/5/10 #HelpHossein was taken 2 D Revolutionary Court without presence of his lawyers & Sentence to 15yrs prison @NadimHoury #Iran
#HelpHossein Hossein2 his Mother :I will never accept the charges nor will I accept the sentence.” @AJStream  @Amnesty @BBCNews  #Iran
#HelpHossein was not permitted2 read verdict, But he was beaten & forced to sign it. @fredabrahams #Iran
#HelpHossein  ‘s Father I will not for a moment stop demanding Hossein’s legal rights & will continue 2 seek justice 4 him” #Iran
#HelpHossein is transferred 2 hospital in handcuffs in 4/ 2011.  @AJStream @AjEnglish @Amnesty @BBCNews #Iran
6/2011 #HelpHossein Was transferred from D Hospital back 2 Evin even though his treatment was not finished. #Iran #humanrights @amnesty
#HelpHossein back 2 solitary/ against doctors advise he begins a hunger strike 2 protest @AJStream #Iran @Nadimboury
#HelpHossein is beaten in prison in Aug 2011 after writing a letter 2 a prosecutor protesting his mistreatment . @AJStream @Amnesty #Iran
 Oct.2011 #HelpHossein Ronaghi Maleki is refusing medical treatment & his medication@ Evin prison  @AJStream #Iran
#HelpHossein Dec.2011 Hossein is transferred 2 hospital in but is denied medical furlough &starts hunger strike in protest @AJStream #Iran
#HelpHossein He has had 4 operations since his arrest in 2009 and neither of those times he was allowed the sick leave. #Iran @Ajstream
 #HelpHossein Ronaghi Maleki’s Letter to D public prosecutor announcing his hunger strike @Amnesty @BBCNews #Iran
#HelpHossein ends his hunger strike to prevent limitations for his cellmates at section 350 of Evin prison. @AjEnglish @Amnesty @BBC #Iran
#HelpHossein  In Jan. with medical difficulties he is put under tremendous pressure 2 make T.V confession #Iran
#HelpHossein the Main reason 4 continues denial of medial furlough is Rongaghi Malekie's refusal 2 make a false confession. #Iran @Amnesty
#HelpHossein continues 2 B denied necessary medical furlough in Evin prison in dire health. @amnesty #Iran
#HelpHossein  Be the voice of the voiceless help Ronaghi-Maleki get the proper medical attention he needs @amnesty @AJstream  #Iran
Did you know #HelpHossein has been in prison since Dec 13th of 2009 ? http:// @samerHRW @ReedBrody #Iran

#HelpHossein  be the voice of the voiceless help Ronaghi-Maleki  get the medical help he needs.  @hebamorayef @nadimhoury #Iran
#HelpHossien isn’t it time 4 U 2 step in & help Ronaghi-Maleki get the proper medical help he needs? @un @Amnesty @HRW #Iran
#HelpHossein @amnestyinternational the clock is ticking Ronaghi-Maleki is in need of another operation. Do the right thing! #Iran @Abcnews
#HelpHossein  is in need of kidney operation NOW  don’t let politics cloud your judgment when it comes to #humanrights  #Iran
#HelpHossien #Iran have u written your letter yet? It takes 1 min to help save a life #Iran #SoG @Amnesty
#HelpHossein #Iran Please save Rohaghi-Malek @amnesty @CNN @ABCNEWS @NBC News

#HelpHossein Listen to the cry of his father for help let plz help save his life @Amensty #Iran @Humanrights

#HelpHossein Deteriorating & Dire Health Of Human Rights Activist/Blogger Hossein Ronaghi Maleki #Iran @hrw @CNN

Thank You for participating in the tweet storm.