Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tweet Storm for Bahman Amouee, Mohammad-Sedighe Kaboudvand and Arash Sadeghi

In the Name of Democracy and Freedom, let us Unit to Demonstrate the Power of Our Voice to the Iranian Regime and Support Bahman Ahmadi Amouee,  Mohammad Sedigh Kaboudvand  and Arash Sadeghi and their quest for freedom and human rights

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Thank you for your participation . 
Lets blow the twitter away !
لطفا توئیت ها را یکی یکی کپی و در توئیتر پست کنید. 
. خواهشمندم از هشتگ ایران الکشن در به هیچ وجه در زمان طوفان استفاده نکید. که استفاه از تگ باعث جلو گیری از ترند شدن خواهد شد. . خواهشمندم از تگ داده شده بیشتر از یک بار در هر توئیت استفاده ننمائید. لطفا طوفان را قبل از ساعت تعیین 
شده شروع نکنید
.لطفاً بین هر دو تا توئیت یک یا دوتا ریتوئیت کنید. 
 از همگی شما در همراهی و همصدای با این عزیزان و خانواده اشان تشکر میکنیم.

Bahman Ahmad Amouee
Meet Bahaman Amouee a journalist and a political prisoner in #Iran #IRHRV @CNNI @Ajstream

#IRHRV #Iran Bahman Ahamadi Amouee, born on May 22 1969 is an economic journalist & political prisoner in Iran @ABCNews @CNN @BBC

#IRHRV #Iran Bahman Ahmadi Amouee studied economics at the University of Mazandaran @ABCNews @BBC @CNNI @AJStream

#IRHRV #Iran Ahmadi Amouee worked at the news publications Shargh, Toos, Jamee, Sobh Emrooz, Norooz & Sarmayeh @BBC @ABCNews

#IRHRV #Iran Ahmadi Amouee is the author of “The Political Economy of the Islamic Republic” & “The Islamic Republic Technocrats” @CNNI

#IRHRV #Iran Ahmadi Amouee is a high-profile journalist &vocal critic of Iranian President Ahmadinejad's economic policies @BBC @CNNI

#IRHRV #Iran Ahmadi Amouee was arrested and imprisoned during a brutal clampdown following June 2009 rigged elections @BBC @FOXnews

#IRHRV #Iran Economic journalist Ahmadi Amouee was arrested on June 20th 2009 along with his journalist wife Jila Baniyaghoub @BBC

#IRHRV #Iran Ahmadi Amouee Amouee was also arrested in 2006 during  a women’s rights demonstrations in Tehran. @CNNI

#IRHRV #Iran Ahmadi Amouee spent 1st 100 days of arrest in & out of solitary confinement w/ no case file @AJSTREAM @CNNI

#IRHRV #Iran Ahamdi Amouee charged w/ propaganda against regime, acting as threat to national security & insulting the president @CNNI

#IRHRV #Iran In Jan 2010, the 54th branch of Revolutionary Court sentenced Ahmadi Amouee w/ 34 lashings & 7 years 4 months prison @CNNI

#IRHRV #Iran Ahamdi Amouee’s sentence was later reduced to 5 years at Evin prison by the Appeals Court @BBC @CNNI

#IRHRV #Iran Ahmadi Amouee was temporarily released from Evin’s ward 350 for the Iranian New Year, on bail of $500,000 USD. @AJstream @CNNI

#IRHRV #Iran July 2010 Ahmadi Amouee & 16 pol prisoners staged a 16 day hunger strike protesting Evin prison conditions @CNNI @AJStream

#IRHRV #Iran During 1st 2 years of his prison sentence at Evin Ahmadi Amouee often deprived of visitation & phone calls @BBC @CNN
#IRHRV #Iran Ahmadi Amouee was named as one of the recipients of the 2011 Hellman/Hammett award by Human Rights Watch @CNNI @Ajstream @BBC

#IRHRV #Iran Ahmadi Amouee transferred 2solitary confinement @ Evin on June 11 2012 following memorial service 4 martyred Hoda Saber

#IRHRV #Iran Ahmadi Amouee was suddenly awoken in confinement @ 12:30am on June 12th, 2012 @CNNI @AJstream @FoxNews

#IRHRV #Iran Ahmadi Amouee was blindfolded, shackled & exiled to Rajai Shahr prison in his pajamas on June 12th, 2012 @CNN @BBC

#IRHRV #Iran In unprecedented move Ahmadi Amouee transferred to Raji Shahr prison’s Solitary Confinement Ward #1 on June 25th 2012 @CNNI

#IRHRV #Iran Ahmadi Amouee now in Rajai Shahr prison’s Solitary Confinement Ward #1 holding prisoners on DEATH ROW @BBC @CNN

#IRHRV #Iran Ahmadi Amouee now at Rajai Shahr Prison Ward One renowned for its DEPLORABLE, HARSH, prison conditions @BBC @CNN

#IRHRV #Iran Ahmadi Amouee denied access 2 his family & his lawyer since exile to Rajai Shahr Solitary Confinement Ward 1 @CNNI @ABCNews

#IRHRV #Iran Ahmadi Amouee incommunicado since his exile to solitary confinement Ward 1 at Rajai Shahr prison @BBC @CNN @ABC

#IRHRV #Iran Ahmadi Amouee’s family has NO IDEA why this innocent journalist was suddenly exiled to Rajai Shahr @BBC @CNN @NBC

#IRHRV #Iran Ahmadi Amouee’s family extremely concerned for his physical and psychological wellbeing @BBC @ABC @CNN @FoxNews

#IRHRV #Iran Bahman Ahmadi Amouee’s CRIME YOU ASK? Speaking his mind in a country where there is NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH! @BBC @CNN

#IRHRV #Iran BE THE VOICE 4 INNOCENT JOURNALIST BAHMAN AHMADI AMOUEE illegally exiled 2 Solitary Confinement Ward 1 @ Rajai Shahr @AJSTREAM

#IRHRV #Iran FREE Innocent Journalist Bahman Ahmadi Amouee incommunicado at Rajai Shahr Prison’s Solitary Confinement Ward 1 @BBC @CNN @ABC

Arash Sadeghi

Meet student activist Arash Sadeghi #IRHRV #Iran #CNNI @AjStream @BBCWorld

Student activist Arash Sadeghi, born on Sept 29, 86 is imprisoned in Intel Ward 209 Evin prison #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI @BBCWorld

Student activist Arash Sadeghi has spent most of last 3 yrs in prison under torture & pressure #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI @BBCWorld

Arash Sadeghi was a Mir Hossein Mousavi's 2009 presidential campaign activist #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI BBCWorld
Arash Sadeghi was a philosophy major when expelled from Allameh Uni due to his political activism #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI @BBCWorld

Arash Sadeghi's first arrest was after the 2009 presidential election on July 8, 2009 #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI BBCWorld

After 50+ dys under torture in solitary Sadeghi was released alongside a less traveled road in Tehran #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI @BBCWorld

Arash Sadeghi was arrested for the 2nd time on 12/27/2009. He was released on bail 3/6/2010 #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI @BBCWorld

Arash Sadeghi returned to prison March 2010 after expiration of his furlough #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI BBCWorld

Agents raided Arash Sadeghi's home 4:00 AM Oct 26, 2010 in an attempt to arrest him, he wasn't home #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI @BBCWorld 

Trauma of  4:00 AM raid on Arash Sadeghi's home resulted in his mother suffering a heart attack  #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI @BBCWorld

Sadeghi's mother died in hospital 4 dys after she suffered a heart attack caused by raid of her home #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI @BBCWorld

This is Arash Sadeghi at his Mother's grave site  #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI BBCWorld

After his mother's death, Sadeghi told BBC Persian,"I have paid a high price I would rather go to prison" #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI

Arash Sadeghi's family blamed him for the death of his mother. He said he rather go back to prison #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI @BBCWorld

Dec 2010 After  Sadeghi was beaten by the interrogators in Ward 209 he sustained serious injuries #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI @BBCWorld

To protest his beating by the interrogators Arash Sadeghi launched a hunger strike on Dec 10, 2010 #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI @BBCWorld

Sadeghi broke his hunger strike Dec 24, 2010 & was transferred to the General Ward 350 in Evin prison #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI @BBCWorld

Arash Sadeghi was sentenced by Branches 28 & 26 of Revolutionary Court to 3 & 6 yrs respectively  #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI @BBCWorld

The Court of Appeals overturned Sadeghi's 3 yr sentence & exonerated him of all charges in that case  #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI @BBCWorld

Appeals Court also overturned Arash Sadeghi's 6 yrs sentence & gave him 1 yr in prison+4yrs suspended #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI @BBCWorld

On Dec 31, 2010 Arash Sadeghi was suddenly transferred back to high security Ward 209 solitary confinement #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream BBCWorld

Jan 4, 2011 Arash Sadeghi was returned to Ward 350, severely injured and bruised #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI @BBCWorld @Foxnews

Sadeghi was under severe pressure & torture to deny his mother's death was caused by the raid on her home #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @BBCWorld

Sadeghi once again launched a hunger strike on Mar 14, 2011 protesting his treatment by the interrogators #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI

On hunger strike Sadeghi's health became dire, he suffered from body trembles & loss of consciousness #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI BBCWorld

Sadeghi along with other prisoners launched a hunger strike Jun 5, 2011 to protest death of Sahabi #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI @BBCWorld

After 22 months in prison under pressure & torture Sadeghi was released on Dec 14, 2011  #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI BBCWorld

Sadeghi was arrested again on 1/15/ 2012 while visiting his mother’s grave site with his grandparents #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI @BBCWorld

Arash Sadeghi has been incarcerated in Ward 209 solitary since last arrest Jan 15, 2012  #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream @CNNI @BBCWorld

Arash Sadeghi's 80 yrs old grandfather was arrested 6/6/2012 & released on bail 5 dys later  #IRHRV #Iran #AJStream

Mohammad- Sedigh Kaboudvand

 Meet Mohammad-Sedigh Kaboudvand a Prisoner in #iran ‘s prison @Ajstream @ABC @Fox

 Kaboudvand is a journalist , head of the Kurdistan HR defense Org. & director of the Payam-e Mardom newspaper #IRHRV #Iran

 Kaboudvand  was arrested On July 1, 2007   & held in solitary at Evin Prison for more than six months. #IRHRV #Iran @FOX @CBS

Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court sentenced  Kaboudvand to an 11-year jail term in 2008 #IRHRv #Iran @hrw @abc @CNN

Kaboudvand was accused of   “acting against national security” and “propaganda against the Islamic Republic.” #IRHRV #IRAN @UN @STATEDEPT

Kaboudvand was also chief editor of a weekly pub. called “People Message”, which was shut-down in 2004  #IRHRV #Iran @StateDept @CNN

Kaboudvand  was preparing reports on the conditions & instances of HR violations in Kurdistan #IRHRV #Iran @FOX @ABCNews @Times

Kaboudvand  was openly criticizing penalties such as stoning and hanging and showing support for political prisoners #IRHRV #Iran @NBCNews

Kaboudvand established the Kurdistan human rights organization in 2005 in an effort to defend the rights of Kurds #IRHRV #Iran @abcnews

Kaboudvand helped in establishing  Unity for Democracy in Iran organization , which is active on civil rights issues #IRHRV #Iran @statedept

Mr. Kaboudvand In 2009, was awarded the Hellman-Hammett international award and the annual British Press Award. #IRHRV #Iran @BBC @UN

During more than 60 months in jail, Kaboudvand was not given a single day of furlough #IRHRV #Iran @foxnews @NYtimes  @MSNBC @Foxnews

12/17/08 Kaboudvand had his first  heart attack in prison   #IRHRV #Iran @statedept @CNN @Amnesty @BBC @NYTIMES

It is also reported that Kaboudvand suffered 2 strokes in 2010  one on July 15 th & the other on Nov 19th #IRHRV #Iran @Amnesty @FoxNews

Kaboudvand  is also suffering from hypertension a kidney infection and  prostate cancer . #IRHRV #Iran @CNN @abcNews

Kaboudvand has to undergo surgery, but prison authorities refuse to provide for any of his medical needs #IRHRV #Iran @Cnn @Amnesty @hrw

Kaboudvand  began again his hunger strike on May 26 because he has been denied visits with his severely ill son #IRHRV #Iran @NYTimes

"The authorities want my husband to sign a letter of pardon, but He is refusing to do " says Kaboudvand's wife #IRHRV #Iran @CNN @FOXNEWS

Kaboudvand’s son has been diagnosed with cancer and he needs his father beside him  . #IRHRV #Iran @un @ajstream

Kaboudvand, in critical condition and has been  was transferred to the Evin Prison infirmary . #IRHRV #Iran @Ajstream @Foxnews @AbcNews

Petition Release Mohammed Sedigh Kaboudvand  #IRHRV #Iran @Amnesty @UN @HRW

Help us save Kaboudvand #IRHRV #Iran @Amnesty @UN @HRW @CNN @ABCNews @BBC @NYtimes


 بهمن احمدی امويی خرداد ۸۸ در تهران به جرم نگارش مطالب انتقادی از عملکرد اقتصادی دولت به ۵ سال و۴ ماه زندان محکوم شد    #IRHIV #IRAN #CNNI

سلامت جسمی و روحی بهمن امویی در انفرادی بند یک زندان رجایی شهر بشدت در خطر است   #IRHRV #IRAN #CNNI

ماموران امنیتی اوین بهمن امویی را نیمه شب ۶ تیر ۹۱ نیمه برهنه با دستبند و پابند از اوین به زندان رجایی شهر کرج منتقل کردند #IRHRV #IRAN 

#IRHRV #Iran احمدی امویی، برنده جایزه جهانی هلمن-همت در سال۲۰۱۱ است@CNNI

 #IRHRV #Iran بهمن احمدی امویی در سال ۲۰۰۶ بدلیل فعألیت برای حقوق زنان اولین بار دستگیر و به دو سال حبس تعلیقی محکوم شد.

#IRHRV #Iran احمدی امویی از جمله روزنامه‌نگاران حامی جنبش سبز است که بعد از اتفاقات انتخابات ۸۸  به ۵ سالو ۴ ماه  حبس تعزیری محکوم شد

#IRHRV #Iran ژیلا بنی‌یعقوب، روزنامه‌نگار و همسر بهمن امویی در سال ۸۹ به یک سال حبس تعزیری و ۳۰ سال محرومیت از شغل روزنامه‌نگاری محکوم شد

#IRHRV #Iran  بهمن احمدی امویی از خرداد ماه ۱۳۸۸ به دلیل نگارش مقالات و نقدهایی به سیاست های دولت احمدی نژاد در زندان به سر می برد.

#IRHRV #Iran بهمن احمدی امویی در  بند۳۵۰ اوین از حقوق قانونی خود از جمله حق تماس تلفنی، ملاقات منظم و برخورداری از مرخصی قانونی محروم  بود

#IRHRV #Iran بهمن امویی، روز ۲۲ خرداد و پس از  حمله مامورین زندان به مراسم بزرگداشت هدی صابر در بند ۳۵۰، به سلول انفرادی بند ۲۰۹ منتقل شده .

#IRHRV #Iran  بهمن امویی ۲۳ خرداد نیمه‌شب از زندان اوین به زندان رجایی شهر منتقل شده و از ۵ تیر ماه  در سلول انفرادی است.@CNNI

#IRHRV #Iran بهمن احمدی امویی ۵ تیرماه  به سلول انفرادی بند یک زندان رجای شهر که محل نگهداری محکومان به اعدام است منتقل شد.

#IRHRV #Iran زندانیان زندان رجایی‌شهر می‌گویند:  شرایط بد انفرادی بند یک رجای شهر در مدت کوتاهی باعث آسیب جدی جسمی‌ و روحی زندانیان میشود

#IRHRV #Iran ۱۴۱ انتقال بهمن احمدی امویی روزنامه‌نگار ایرانی  از رجایی‌‌شهر ،  به سلول‌های انفرادی زندان  ابراز نگرانی کرده‌اند.@CNNI

#IRHRV #Iran  مأموران در جریان انتقال احمدی امویی به زندان رجایی شهر با او رفتار "خشونت آمیزی" داشته اند و او را "برهنه و تفتیش" کرده اند. @CNNI

#IRHRV #Iran  بهمن احمدی امویی به بدترین سلول‌های انفرادی زندان رجای شهر برای مدت نامعلوم منتقل شده است. @CNNI

#IRHRV #Iran  بهمن احمدی امویی   جان برادرم در خطر است؛ سکوت نکنید @CNNI

ogamos apoyo para el activista Kaboudvand #IRHRV #Iran @eldiarioes  @sextaNoticia  @elEconomistaes  @Dirigentes

44 días de huelga de hambre por temor a no volver a ver a su hijo gravemente enfermo #IRHRV #Iran @tele5 @larazon_es

Mohammad -Sedigh Kaboudvand es victima de violaciones de derechos humanos #IRHRV #Iran @abc_es  @La1_tve

44 días de huelga de hambre por temor a no volver a ver a su hijo gravemente enfermo #IRHRV #Iran @europapress_s

Kaboudvand es victima de violaciones de derechos humanos #IRHRV #Iran @expansioncom @CNNEE @antena3 @24h_tve

Menschenrechtaktivist darf seinen kranken Sohn nicht Besuchen #IRHRV #Iran @WDR @sf_tagesschau

44 Tagen im Hungerstreik #IRHRV #Iran @suddeutsche @HAZde

Hungerstreik aus Sorge um schwerkranken Sohn #IRHRV #Iran @tazgezwitscher @vorwaerts

Wir fordern Hilfe für inhaftierten Aktivisten Kaboudvand #IRHRV #Iran  @N24_de @ntvde @handelsblatt

Mohammas-Sedigh Kaboudvand Opfer von Menschenrechtsverletzungen #IRHRV #Iran @nzz @dapd @dpa_live

Der Großvater von Arash wurde aufgrund seines öffentlichen Briefes an die Verhörer von Arash verhaftet. #IRHRV #IRAN @ZDF @spdbt_netz @3sat

Arash wurde einige tage nach dem Ende seiner Haftzeit erneut verhaftet und befindet sich zur zeit in Einzelhaft. #IRHRV #IRAN @ZDF

Das Leben von Amouee, der sich in Einzelhaft befindet, ist in Gefahr. #IRHRV #IRAN @linksfraktion @spdbt_netz @3sat @GrueneFraktionB @ZDF

Amouee wurde ins Einzelhaft gesteckt, weil er den Jahrestag anlässlich des Todes von Hoda Saberi organisiert hat. #IRHRV #IRAN @dw_deutsch

6 Wochen Ungewissheit über den Zustand von Amouee, in einer Zelle in der man nicht einmal bei seiner Größe liegen kann. #IRHRV #Iran @3sat

Kaboudvand, ein kurdischer Menschenrechtsaktivist, befindet sich immernoch im Hungerstreik im Evin-Gefängnis. #IRHRV #Iran @spdbt_netz @3sat

Das Leben von Kaboudvand, der sich in Einzelhaft befindet, ist in Gefahr.#IRHRV #Iran @linksfraktion @ZDF @FDP_Fraktion @ProSieben @spdbt_netz

Kaboudvand hat vor vierundvierzig Tagen mit einem Hungerstreik begonnen.Seine Forderung ist es seinen kranken Sohn zu sehen #IRHRV @N24_de 

Mohammad Sadegh Kaboudvand est militant des droits humains et journaliste kurde.#IRHRV #Iran @francediplo @LaurentFabius @JeanLucRomero

M.S.Kaboudvand est en grève de la. #IRHRV #Iran @JeanLucRomero @francediplo @JeanLucRomero  @LaurentFabius

faim depuis 48 jours pour voir son fils malade @francediplo @LaurentFabius @JeanLucRomero

M.S.Kaboudvand n’a pas vu son épouse pendant 2 ans.Il est malade et on lui refuse tout traitement @francediplo @LaurentFabius @Rue89

Arash Sadeghi,étudiant militant est en prison pour 6 ans pour avoir douté des élections présidentielles en Iran @francediplo @LaurentFabius @JeanLucRomero

Arash Sadeghi a été sévèrement torturé à la prison d’Evine ;il est resté plus de 100 jours à l’isolement @francediplo @JeanLucRomero @Rue89

La mère d’Arash est décédée du choc de l’attaque des forces répressives.Il n’a pas assisté aux obsèques étant emprisonné @francediplo @Rue89

Thank you all for participating